TC Electronic BMC-2 D

TC Electronic BMC-2 D

BMC-2 is a dedicated digital-to-analog converter and high-quality ‘hands-on’ monitor control that’s an ideal solution, no matter how your audio production or monitoring setup is based – be it digital or analog.

We realize that predictable, ultra-low-latency speaker and headphone control is an important part of your production process, and with BMC-2 such luxury is always available to you – regardless of the state of the computer at the heart of your system.

No Computer Needed
This handy self-contained desktop unit can be operated without a Mac or PC, offering you instant and practical control of sound levels. As well as controlling the listening level, BMC-2 allows you to switch between three digital input sources – S/PDIF, AES3, TOS and ADAT, and confirm if those inputs are synchronous or not.

BMC-2 drives one set of analog speakers, one set of digital speakers and a set of headphones. Calibrated listening is available with both sets of speakers and the headphone output.

Reference Level
But it’s not all about DAC and level control – BMC-2 also puts user-definable reference levels at your fingertips. You simply hit the REF button on the front panel and BMC-2 will attenuate the output to a user-defined sound pressure level, so reference level monitoring is always just a single button-press away.

Perfect Clock
BMC-2 precision re-clocks all inputs, and features high performance jitter rejection based on patented JET technology that was originally developed for our flagship System 6000. All the benefits of optical interfacing without the problems – asymmetries are corrected and jitter is completely removed from the equation.


iCheck Your Source
Analog output offers wide dynamic range on XLR connectors. Peak level metering and Integrity Check – or ‘iCheck’ – is also available on the selected input. iCheck reveals if the signal is spatially compromised, e.g. because of data reduction, such as MP3 or AAC encoded at too low a bit rate.

BMC-2 is a self-contained desktop unit that works right out of the box with no need for a computer for setup. It interfaces directly with all new Macs and most PCs used for audio production – just attach the supplied 12V DC power adaptor.

  • No computer needed
  • Switch between three digital input sources – S/PDIF, AES3, TOS and ADAT
  • Digital Inputs and Outputs Connector (S/PDIF, AES3-id compatible): RCA Phono, BNC adapter included, 75 Ohm, 1 Vpp (terminated)
  • Headphones Output Connectors: 1/4″ Phone Jack (Stereo)
  • Formats (S/PDIF and TOSLINK): S/PDIF (24-bit), IEC 958, Pro-status bits

TC Electronic BMC-2 D

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