The new TCO-HDSP adds time code capabilities to various cards of the HDSP series. The TCO can be used for clock generation and sync/chase with LTC. The TCO-HDSP is an optional card for a free standard computer slot, without requiring a PCI slot on the motherboard.

The TCO derives a stable word clock signal from Video, LTC and word clock sources. This allows connection and sample-accurate synchronisation of various audio and video applications with time code information.

LTC can be derived and generated in all common formats, i.e. 24, 25, 30, and 29.97 frames; drop-frame or non-drop-frame.

Commonly used Pull-Up- und Pull-Down Formats (+/- 0.1% und +/- 4%) can be utilised, and PAL and NTSC video formats will be automatically detected and processed.

The generated Time Code can be sent to the audio or video application as ASIO Positioning Protocol (APP) or MTC. An application can send APP or MTC to the TCO, which will generate LTC on hardware level with lowest jitter (no software/driver routine).

Several fly-wheel functions facilitate chase operation (adjustable drop-out length, Continuous- or Jam-Sync). All settings can be accessed conveniently from an additional page in the settings dialog of the HDSP card.

The TCO HDSP has a combined switchable Word Clock /Video Input (BNC) as well as an LTC input (BNC). The Word Clock /Video Input on the card can comfortably be terminated (relay-controlled) with a 75 Ohm terminator from the settings dialog.

The TCO features an LTC Output (BNC) with two level settings (configurable via jumper) and a Word Clock Output (BNC).

Various practical combinations of TCO HDSP and HDSP interface cards:

The TCO HDSP can be combined with one or more HDSP AES-32 cards.

Thanks to the common driver, the TCO HDSP can also be used with a combination of HDSP AES-32 and the HDSP MADI. This allows for the use of the TCO with the HDSP MADI as well.

RME HDSP TCO timecode module
Artikelnr: AUA-TCOHDSP




De TCO module is een optionele extensie kaart voor verschillende RME interfaces. U kunt deze TCO module in een vrij slot plaatsen in uw PC of Apple computer. De TCO zal middels een kabel aan uw PCI interface gekoppeld worden.

Deze kleine module voorziet HDSP PCi en PCi express kaarten met Wordclock optie van een tijdcode signaal voor LTV en video. Dankzij SteadyClock van RME heeft u een strakke synchronisatie.

Eén enkele TCO module kan meerdere PCI en PCI express kaarten tegelijkertijd aansturen.

Op dit product krijg je 3 jaar garantie.


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