Hercules BS050B Lectern

Hercules BS050B Lectern

HERCULES BS050B Easy lectern

Is ideally suited for Travel and Practical Applications on the Scene!

The Hercules company can offer a lectern for performers of any level – from beginners to the most scrupulous professionals! BS050B rack – easy and steady, is just regulated, and also has the high qualitative characteristics corresponding on level to all other racks from the HERCULES company. The shipping bag is not included in a set.

  • The size of a little table is 515 x 290 mm
  • Height is 530 – 1200 mm
  • Weight 1.28kg
  • Load ability of 3 kg
  • Radius of a basis is 310 mm
  • Size in folded form 460 x 90 m

HERCULES BS118B 3-Sektsionny Lectern

The unique musical support regulated by the movement of one hand

The EZ Grip system allows to regulate lectern height, without letting go at the same time the used tool.

The BS118BB model possesses an easy design, but provides strong support. For convenience when transporting the set included a figurative bag.

  • EZ Grip lectern: Opens one movement.
  • Lectern size: 535 x 293 mm
  • Height 550 ~ 1230 mm
  • Weight 1.7kg
  • Size in folded form 520 x 110 mm
  • Load ability of 3 kg
  • HERCULES BS118BB lectern
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Hercules BS050B Lectern

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