Denon Professional RC-F400S

Denon Professional RC-F400S

This broadcast-grade, rack-mounting CD and USB media player has both balanced and unbalanced analogue outputs as well as S/PDIF and AES/EBU digital outputs and is intended for broadcast and other professional use. As well as the ability to import (or ‘rip’) data from CD to an attached USB storage device as a WAV file, additional audio file formats such as MP3, AAC and AIFF can be replayed as well as CD-DA. CD Text and CD Extra formats are supported. The player offers vari-speed and extensive remote control capability.

The device has a number of cueing modes as well as the normal CD search and location features, including programme play and looping. Other specific functions include connection via USB of iPhone or iPod, allowing for digital playback of an iTunes library, and the ability to couple Denon Professional’s free Pitch Key App (available on the Apple AppStore) to allow control of playback by adjusting pitch, tempo or both of any audio file in the device. Parallel, RS232-C serial and basic, wired, parallel-control ports are provided. The RS-232C port is able to transmit CD Text, ISO and ISRC codes, track-time and number and other data. The DN-501C is supplied with a comprehensive infra-red remote control unit, which includes volume control as well as all the player’s transport and locating functions.


  • Quick Track Search with Jog Wheel
  • 3.8-inch large size display (320 x 240 dots)
  • Operation with the desktop panel
  • File playback in file-list mode
  • Hot-start playback
  • Dedicated on/off switch
  • 5V DC input with cable safety
  • Includes remote, RS-232C cable, user gui and power supply with safety screw
Package Contents
  • DN-F400S remote RS-232C cable User guide Power supply Power supply safety screw

the RC-F400S was designed to deliver dependability in critical applications where audio runs continuously or must be triggered at a moment’s notice using Denon Professional media players. Applications including background music, music-on-hold, continuous or repetitive messaging, emergency announcements, and sound FX playback for sporting events and theater will benefit from the high-quality and reliability of the Denon Professional brand name

Denon Professional RC-F400S

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